Coon hunting

Coon hunting

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This illustrated Giclee print depicts a time whites engaged in the horrible “sport” of “coon huntin.’” By this they meant chasing down innocent blacks who were already free and apprehending them to sell them as slaves at 100% profit. Whites both North and South engaged in this despicable practice, terrorizing blacks and prohibiting their freedom of movement as they feared being captured, beaten, and perhaps killed. Sometimes “coon huntin’” involved going to black neighborhoods and simply making trouble for any black who happened to be walking around. Such terrible racist behavior occurred in both the North and the South.

This is a unframed sign by artist Giclee print, image size 16" x 20" with a 2" white boarded printed on watercolor fine paper.  There are a total of 100 Giclee prints that will be signed an autograph by the author/artists, these poster/prints are made up of five colors printing, not like traditional offset printing, your purchase will be numbered as to the order you purchased them and after 100 they will be no more ever glclee prints. These are collectible items

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